arca- A digital implementation of Athanasius Kircher's device for automatic music composition, the Arca musarithmica of 1650

CopyrightData from Kircher 1650; implementation (c) 2022 Andrew A. Cashner
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Sub-structures used by Arca_musarithmica to build Kircher's ark. This pinax (s2p6) contains three columns for successive strophes (actually meaning verse lines). Each contains pairs of four-voice vperms and four-voice rperms.

Kircher intends this for Saphhic meters with 11-syllable lines (p. 119), with the paradigm being Ut queant laxis resonare fibris. Elsewhere he says it is for "Phaleucic/Hendecasyllabic and Sapphic meters".

"PINAX VI. Musarithmos Melothesias Floridae & artificiosae continens. Pro

metris sapphicis quibuslibet Hendecasyllabis."

This pinax is for toni (tones) 1, 2, 3, 4, 9, and 10 in all three "strophes."

TODO: The problem is that in Sapphic meter there are stanzas of four lines, where the first three are 11 syllables, and the last is five (Adonic). In Syntagma I, Kircher builds this into the pinax, but this one only accounts for those first three lines. We would have to switch to a different pinax for every fourth line.



s2p6 :: Pinax Source #

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