arca- A digital implementation of Athanasius Kircher's device for automatic music composition, the Arca musarithmica of 1650

CopyrightData from Kircher 1650 implementation (c) 2022 Andrew A. Cashner
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Sub-structures used by Arca_musarithmica to build Kircher's ark (bk II, p. 93): "Musarithmos Melatheticos Poetics continens pro Phaleucijs Hendecasyllabis". This pinax (s1p9) is for poetry in 11-syllable lines (with long penultimate). There are four columns, one for each successive line (but called "strophes"). There is only one RpermTable for all four columns.

This pinax only has nine rows of vperms.

What look like the normal three groups of rperms are actually duple major (cut C), duple minor (compasillo, C), and triple major (cut C 3). There is actually no rperm for triple minor (C3).

It may be used with tone I, II, III, IV, and VII.



s1p9 :: Pinax Source #

Pinax 9