arca- A digital implementation of Athanasius Kircher's device for automatic music composition, the Arca musarithmica of 1650

CopyrightData from Kircher 1650; implementation (c) 2022 Andrew A. Cashner
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Sub-structures used by Arca_musarithmica to build Kircher's ark. This pinax (s2p1) contains four columns for successive strophes. Each contains pairs of four-voice vperms and four-voice rperms.

In one place (p. 103) Kircher says it is for inequal Adonic and Dactylic meters:

"Pinax 1. Melotheticus. In quo numeri harmonici pro metris Adoniis & Dactylicis inaequali quidem, sed Florida & Artificioso vocum progressu disponuntur."

In the introduction to Syntagma II (p. 102), though, he says it is for hectasyllabic Adonic and Dactylic meters:

"Primus Pinax continet Musarithmos floridos & artificiosos pro metris Adonijs & Dactylicis hectasyllabis."

Either way, all the permutations are for five syllables except for the florid (melismatic) voices.

It is to be used with tonoi 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, and 12. (TODO)



s2p1 :: Pinax Source #

Pinax 1